Happy birthday Mary!

catholic art happy birthday mary mary Mary ornament

I share my birthday with our most Blessed Mother Mary. 

I also share a birthday with my twin brother. Fun fact…my husband and I both have twin brothers. 

I also share a birthday with my sweet niece. 

What a day of joy! This year, I thought it would be fun to share some fun and joy with you all by 1. Having a Marian themed restock and 2. Having a “Pay What You Want” sale! Thank you all for being here. If it goes well, I hope to offer a sale like this once a year to email subscribers. 

So, for those of you reading this after the fact…I treat my email subscribers well! They get all the discount codes, they get first dibs on restocks, and they get exclusive access to sales!

Again, thank you all for supporting our little family business. You literally keep our lights on with your support. As always, please reach out to us with special prayer requests and ways in which we can offer our days for you and your intentions. 

All glory to God!


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