Last restock of the year!

I can't believe we've made it to the last restock of another year. What a joy it is to create inspired work for your homes, offices, as gifts, and more. We are incredibly blessed by all your support of our family (and business). THANK YOU!

Many of you have asked when we will offer the Epiphany Home Blessing sign preorder again. The answer is January. I can't believe we're planning for the year 2023 but here we are. Advent is here and so is planning for the new year. What a gift. Is there something else you'd like to see in the new year? Let us know!

In the meantime, I'd love for you to check out all our new items, including this new mini banner with the words, "Deus Vult," meaning, "God will it," with the Jerusalem cross cut and engraved below the words.

faithfully + joyfully,


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