Grateful for 2020

Like any year, 2020 had lots of ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Unlike any year, 2020 forced us all to evaluate our time and our priorities. 

We decided to be grateful for the year, for the time we got to spend together, for the love that grew between us, for the call to develop our home prayer life in a whole new way, for the continued blessing of our business, and especially for the healthy pregnancy and birth of our daughter, Lilah. 

We shifted our priorities from working to please others to protecting others. We learned as a family how to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It's a great joy to hear our eight year old, five year old, and two year old sing the prayers. 

We also took a step back and said thank you for all that we have and all the struggles we don't have to endure. We are blessed to have a stable home, to have extra food (and toilet paper - ha!), to have the ability to attend mass, to have stable income, and to be able to send our children to a Catholic school (among so many other blessings). We can give back to our community because of all these wonderful blessings. We will continue to be thankful and grateful.  

So, we are grateful for you and your love and prayers. God has blessed us with each one of you. We'd love to hear how we can pray for you this year! Please comment and let us know.

faithfully + joyfully,


Rough 2 Rustic

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  • Brenda Chappell on

    Good morning! I am new to finding you and love your work. I believe I know know the answer to this question but thought I would ask. I noticed the Epiphany House Blessing Boards are preorder. I believe the preorder is sold out. Am I correct?

    I really love these and was hoping to purchase one, but I understand if they are sold out.

    Thank you so much for the work you do!

  • Jen Nelson on

    For my sister in law, Whitney, to conceive and have a healthy baby

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