faithfully + joyfully Rosary Hanger - Dark Brown/White
Rough 2 Rustic

faithfully + joyfully Rosary Hanger - Dark Brown/White

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faithfully + joyfully is a phrase that Michelle from Rough 2 Rustic has used for a few years that represents the idea that sometimes joy comes from the faith we hang onto. Sometimes choosing joy has to come from choosing to have faith first - faith in God that He will provide and that His will is so much greater than ours. True joy comes from faith. So, live faithfully + joyfully knowing that you won't always get the answers you want and every day won't be a happy one BUT our faith can always bring us joy.

The rosary hanger measures approximately 15-18 inches x 6 inches and includes 7 gold hooks. Size varies because these are made with scrap and reclaimed wood!

Sawtooth hooks are included for easy mounting.